Overview of Teton County Model UN – November 12 & 13, 2018

Teton County Model UN (TCMUN) simulates the United Nations system. Student delegates from across the Northern Rockies play the role of diplomats from countries worldwide with the aim of passing resolutions on pressing global issues. TCMUN offers a unique opportunity to help students learn about a broad range of critical global issues while instilling democratic processes, parliamentary procedures and diplomatic behaviors.

TCMUN is a project of InterConnections 21 in collaboration with Teton County School District #1, Jackson Hole Community School and the Journeys School of TSS.

Student delegates vote to pass a resolution at TCMUN 2011


TCMUN 2017 Award Winners

2017 Most Outstanding Delegates & Honorable Mentions:

Commission on the Status of Women

Most Outstanding Delegate: Sara McWhirter (Journeys School), Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Audra Mary (Wood River), El Salvador

International Atomic Energy Agency

Most Outstanding Delegate: Harry Northrop (One Stone), Russia

Honorable Mention: Ben Anderson (Wood River), Germany

Chair’s Recognition: Mason Moore (Teton HS), Ethiopia

UN Environment Assembly

Most Outstanding Delegate: Kiara Sims (Kelly Walsh), France

Honorable Mention: Victoria Northrop (One Stone), Iran

General Assembly Third

Most Outstanding Delegate: Millie Peck (Jackson Hole HS), Guatemala

Honorable Mention: Hennessey Star (Wood River), El Salvador

Security Council

Most Outstanding Delegate: Janice Hall (Star Valley), Egypt

Honorable Mention: Shoshana Sangros (Jackson Hole HS), Kazakhstan

Chair’s Recognition: Joe Hall (Sun Valley), Senegal

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Most Outstanding Delegate: Jack Keating (Wood River HS), Germany

Honorable Mention: Sam Schmidt (Jackson Hole HS), Uruguay

Chair’s Recognition: Naomi Priddy (One Stone), Uganda; Trevan Baxter (One Stone), Russia; Abi Schoup (Kelly Walsh), Norway

World Health Organization

Most Outstanding Delegate: Cayley Fleishman (Kelly Walsh), France

Honorable Mention: Sophie Jensen (Jackson Hole HS), Gambia

Chair’s Recognition: Madeline Webb (JH Community School), Algeria


Best Position Papers by School:

Sun Valley Community School

Joe Hall, Senegal

Honorable Mention: Julia Ott, Senegal

One Stone

Elise Malterre, Uganda

Cody High School

Mason Baum, Nepal

Honorable Mention: Natalie Call, Japan

Jackson Hole Community School

Daniela Garcia, Kenya

Honorable Mention: Lily Marvin, Kenya; Will Kucera, Netherlands

Wood River High School

John Keating, Germany

Jackson Hole High School

Sophie Delehaye, Somalia

Journeys School

Elisa Cink, U.S.A.

Star Valley

Jeanelle Hoops, Egypt

Kelly Walsh High School

Tess Bjorksten, Afghanistan

Teton High School

River Temple, Pakistan