Position Papers

Reminder – Teachers & students – don’t forget your position papers!

  • Position papers must be two pages long, they should include an introduction and both topics; “works cited” do not need to be part of the two pages (making it 3 pages long, if necessary).
  • The best position paper is to be selected by the teacher from each school.
  • The teacher should hand in to IC 21 the “Best Position Paper” on the first day of the conference, November 17, 2014. The other position papers prepared by students at each school do not need to be submitted to IC 21 but it is the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that they are completed prior to the conference.
  • At the TCMUN closing ceremony, IC 21 will provide an award (a medal) for the best position paper for each school,  which is to be given at the ceremony by the teacher of the respective school.

Please see attached documents for your reference and position paper format. Happy Monday!

Position Paper Writing Guide         Sample Position Paper

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