2016 TCMUN Awards & Honorable Mentions

Best Delegates & Honorable Mentions:

Commission on the Status of Women

Best Delegate: Trisha Tamblyn (Cody HS) Egypt

Honorable Mention: Daniel Pepper (Jackson Hole HS) Tanzania

International Atomic Energy Agency

Best Delegate: Leo Corrales (Wood River HS) Germany

Honorable Mention: Ethyn Etchechoury (Sheridan HS)

UN Environmental Program

Best Delegate: Nathan Stouffer (Wood River) Guyana

Honorable Mention: Kiara Simms (Kelly Walsh) Liberia

General Assembly First

Best Delegate: Kyler Arriola(Jackson Hole HS) Zimbabwe

Honorable Mention: Millie Peck (Jackson Hole HS) DRC

Security Council

Best Delegate: Rosalie Daval (Jackson Hole HS) Uruguay

Honorable mention: Liam Brown (Sheridan) Spain

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Best Delegate: Isaac Loomis (Wood River HS) Germany

Honorable Mention: Mia Shumway (Star Valley HS) France

UN Children’s Fund

Best Delegate: Malila Freeman (Wood River HS) Dem. Repub. of Congo

Honorable Mention: Amy Cantrell (Wood River HS) Guyana /Eliza Marks- Bangladesh (Sun Valley CS)

Best Position Papers by School:

Sun Valley Community School

Gavin Blair

Sheridan High School

Claire Shnatterbeck

Cody High School

Emily Hollingshead

Jackson Hole Community School

Iris Hollis

Avery Holdsworth

Wood River High School

Malila Freeman

Jackson Hole High School

Lily Brazil

Journeys School 

Leila Sandlin

Star Valley

Mia Shunway

Kelly Walsh High School 

Sofie Bjorksten

Pinedale High School 

Marisa Salguero Rivera

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