What is Model UN?

During Model UN conferences, students play the role of diplomats from around the world.  The students use UN rules of procedures to speak on behalf of their assigned countries, negotiate with other student delegates and develop consensus to pass resolutions about critical world issues.

When is TCMUN?

Model UN conferences take place at all times of the year throughout the United States and even worldwide!  Teton County Model UN (TCMUN) 2017 will take place in Jackson, WY at the Jackson Hole High School on November 13-14.

Who can participate in TCMUN?

High school students from around the state of Wyoming have gathered in Jackson, WY each fall since the inaugural TCMUN in 2006.  To the extent that space is available, students from outside Wyoming are also welcome to participate. While high school students are the conference participants, the public is encouraged to attend the opening and closing ceremonies. 

What does a typical TCMUN conference schedule look like?

Please click here for the 2016 TCMUN conference schedule.

How can a school involve its students in TCMUN?

Each year, IC21 hopes to expand the TCMUN conference to involve more schools and participating students from the mountain west region.  Interested schools should contact IC21 (info@ic21.org), by May 1 for more information on how to involve students.

What are the typical time commitments of students and teachers?

Preparations for TCMUN can be somewhat time-consuming.  Student participants are expected to become familiar with the UN rules of procedures in order to ensure a productive and smooth-running conference.  Additionally, students are expected to conduct research on the country they are assigned and prepare a position paper outlining their country’s views concerning the assigned conference topics.

Jameson presenting a resolution

How is TCMUN organized?

IC21, three Jackson high school social studies teachers and one or two volunteers have formed a steering committee annually to organize TCMUN since its inception in 2006.   Depending upon the number of participants,  the conference is broken into 4-8 committees that simulate meetings of various UN agencies and bodies including the UN Security Council.  The steering committee also decides which countries are to be represented in addition to the five permanent members of the Security Council, and deals with most logistical questions such as the final conference schedule, IT matters, and meals and refreshments.

IC21 is responsible for designating which countries students at participating schools will represent and in which committee. The specific assignment of countries to participating students is left to their teachers.  For most committees besides the Security Council, two students from the same school are assigned to a given country so they can work in pairs to prepare for TCMUN.

Who provides the preparatory materials for TCMUN?

Political Science Professor Karen Ruth Adams of the University of Montana prepared the background documents for participating TCMUN students 2008-2015.  The University of Montana has one of the oldest MUN programs in the US.  Dr. Adams provides leadership to this MUN program and has facilitated a training workshop on MUN rules and procedures for Jackson teachers, IC21 staff and student leaders since 2008.  In 2016 IC21 was given permission by the National Collegiate Conference Association to utilize their high quality background documents.


How do students prepare for the conference?

Participating students will be assigned countries and committees usually by the first week of September. Background guides will be distributed by this date. Students will then research their assigned countries and prepare a position paper.  Students are also encouraged to review UN rules and procedures, learn about their assigned country’s history, culture, political structure, and current political affairs, and research the opinions and position on the conference topics of their assigned country’s allies and oppositions.

What is a position paper?

While preparing for TCMUN, students are required to prepare a position paper.  This is a research paper presenting a country’s opinions and viewpoints on various global issues determined by the conference topics.  Please see the Resources page for a sample position paper.

What are this year’s conference topics?

The conference topics are not released to the public until August.

What are the conference costs?

The registration fee per student is $50 which includes the background documents and other necessary preparatory and conference materials, access to laptops and other media during the 2-day conference, and breakfast, snacks, and lunch for each day of the conference.  This registration fee does not cover travel, lodging or dinner.

Are there resources to help participating schools cover costs for transportation, food and lodging, if applicable?

Breakfast, snacks and lunch are covered with the registration fee.  However, IC21 understands that some students must travel a great distance in order to participate in TCMUN and costs for transportation, food and/or lodging may not be covered by their school.  Each year, IC21 applies for grants to help offset these costs. While these grant funds are not guaranteed, IC21 is willing to work with schools in need of financial assistance to cover conference costs.  Also, IC21 is available to help schools find affordable lodging in Jackson.  Please contact us (info@ic21.org) about transportation, lodging or other conference costs not covered by the registration fee.

Where can I find more general information about the Model UN program?

Please visit the UNA-USA’s Model UN website.