TCMUN 2018 Award Winners

2018 Best Delegates & Honorable Mentions:

Commission on the Status of Women

Best Delegate: Courtney McVey (Cody HS),  Switzerland

Honorable Mention: Tia Vontver (One Stone), Peru

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

Best Delegate: Dillon Romero (Cody HS), Nepal

Honorable Mention: Chloe French (One Stone), Colombia

General Assembly Second

Best Delegate: Olivia DeAngelis (Riverstone), Japan

Honorable Mention: Sophie Jensen (JHHS), Vietnam

Human Rights Council

Best Delegate: Isaac Loomis (Wood River), Iraq

Honorable Mention: Clara Harding (Wood River), United Kingdom

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Best Delegate: Henry Davis (One Stone), U.S.A.

Honorable Mention: Jake Simon (Wood River), United Kingdom

Security Council

Best Delegate: Daniel Deming (Cody), Cote d’Ivoire

Honorable Mention: Sara McWhirter (Journeys School), Poland

World Health Organization

Best Delegate: Kaia Jensen (Wood River), Peru

Honorable Mention: Amanda Casey (One Stone), Colombia


Best Position Papers by School:

Riverstone School

Salma Schwartzman, Germany

One Stone

Arianna Carlson, France

Cody High School

Courtney McVey, Switzerland

Jackson Hole Community School

Maleah Tuttle-Armajo, Haiti

Wood River High School

Zoe Simon, DRC

Jackson Hole High School

Annika Peacock, Israel

Jackson Hole MUN Club

Caitlin Johnston, Mongolia

Journeys School

Sara McWhirter, Poland

Star Valley

Sarie Jenkins, Cambodia

Kelly Walsh High School

Rachelle Trujillo, Ukraine

Teton High School

Caitlin Johnston, Norway

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